On this week's SyrupCast, Daniel and Douglas are back to talk about what's been happening in the world of technology.

They talk about the BlackBerry Priv (obviously) and whether it can stand up to what Daniel thinks is the best Android phone out there, the Nexus 6P.

Then they talk about Apple's latest gear, the iPad Pro and the Apple TV, and where the company could have improved things in the rollout.

Finally, they talk about the ever-changing world of content, and whether physical media have a place in the digital age.

Running time: 1hr 20min
Hosts: Daniel Bader, Douglas Soltys

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In this episode of The Review, Daniel tackles the Sony Xperia Z5 which, despite having a lot going for it, is overshadowed by many other devices on the market.

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In this episode of The Review, Daniel goes back to the very beginning of his tech obsession with the BlackBerry Pearl and original Bold. He then talks about the BlackBerry Priv, a great Android smartphone that may be too little, too late.

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In the second episode of The Review, Daniel talks about the fantastic Nexus 6P -- probably the best all-round Android phone to date -- and how Google needs to do a lot more to get the Nexus name out into the world.

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