It was the rainy day of Hallowe'en

When Daniel slipped and broke his screen

Jane called him a jerk

Doug started to twerk

And the podcat went PG-13.

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SyrupCast 18: That'll Cost Extra

This week, Jane, Daniel and Douglas chat about the growing market for wearables, and whether companies like Pebble, Fitbit and Jawbone have a place in the hardware space.

There's also talk about Bell's complaint to the CRTC  about Rogers' NHL GamePlus exclusivity, and a discussion on whether smartphone reviews are doing anyone any good.

Hosts: Daniel Bader, Jane McEntegart, Douglas Soltys

Running Time: 74 Minutes

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SyrupCast 17: Pop Pop Lollipop!

This week, Jane and Daniel take a bite out of Lollipop, and chat about the Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Apple's new iPads.

Featured Stories

Apps of the week

DanielRdio (iOS, Android)

Jane: Android Lollipop Flappy Bird easter egg


Hosts: Jane McEntegart, Daniel Bader

Running Time: 69 minutes

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SyrupCast Episode 16: Pre-Thanksgiving Coma

This week, Jane and Daniel chat about the CRTC, Mobilicity (for real this time!), HTC's new RE Camera, the Desire Eye, Nokia's Lumia 830, Spotify, Nexus and iPad. It's Thanksgiving, and we're already tired.

Featured Stories

Apps of the Week

Daniel: Snowball for Android

Jane: Clue Period Track (iOSAndroid)

Hosts: Jane McEntegart, Daniel Bader

Running Time: 51 minutes


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SyrupCast Episode 15: Absolutely Phabulous

This week, we talk about a big Nexus, a small Mobilicity, a CRTC controversy, and a bunch of new devices coming down the pipe this month. Plus, Spotify expands to all Canadians and our apps on the week.

This is SyrupCast.

Featured News

Apps of the week

Daniel: Circa 3.0 (Android / iOS)
Jane: Beer?! (Android / iOS)
DouglasPokemon TCG Online for iPad

Hosts: Daniel Bader, Jane McEntegart, Douglas Soltys

Running time: 54 minutes

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