This week on the SyrupCast Patrick, Brad, and Jon breakdown all of the news from Apple's September hardware event.

The Series 6 is Apple's top-of-the-line smartwatch and includes blood oxygen level detection as well as the same always-on display as the Series 5. On the other hand, the Apple Watch SE is more of an entry-level mash-up of the Series 4 and Series 5.

The iPad lineup also got a little more confusing thanks to the new iPad Air that's more powerful than even Apple's most recent iPad Pro. It also uses a colourful version of the iPad Pro's design, further separating the Air from the base-level iPads and doubling down on Apple's commitment to this middle of the road tablet. Beyond that, there's a new iPad (2020), which replaces the current base-model version.

Total runtime: 01:08

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SyrupCast regulars Brad Bennett, Patrick O'Rourke and Dean Daley jump on the pod this week to talk about the latest foldable Samsung device, the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

While the smartphone is a major improvement over the first Z Fold, the crew, minus Dean, are still not sold on the extremely expensive foldable handset.

After the team finishes discussing the Z Fold 2, they move on to talk about smartwatches.

Total runtime: 01:14

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This week on the SyrupCast, Patrick O'Rourke and Brad Bennett are joined by Jon Lamont to talk about his review of Google's mid-range Pixel 4a.

Following a discussion focused on Google's latest smartphone, the trio breaks down all the news from Samsung's recent Unpacked event, including the new Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, the new Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ and the impressive Galaxy Buds Live earbuds.

Total runtime: 01:15

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On this week's episode, Patrick O'Rourke, Brad Shankar and Jon Lamont break down all the news from Apple's latest World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), including iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and macOS Big Sur.

Total runtime: 01:13

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This week on the podcast, Patrick O'Rourke and Brad Bennett bring Brad Shankar on the show to talk about The Last of  Part II (TLOU2).

TLOU2 is the sequel to the wildly popular and critically-acclaimed The Last of Us that initially released on the PlayStation 3 way back in 2013. While the series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, it focuses on smaller human stories.

This is a spoiler-filled podcast that skips our usual segments, so if you haven't played the game yet, save this episode for later because it touches on all of the new game's major story beats.

Total runtime: 01:13

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This week SyrupCast regulars Patrick O'Rourke and Brad Bennett are joined by Microsoft maestro Jon Lamont for a classic Mac vs PC showdown.

Jon, of course, is in the PC corner representing Microsoft's new Surface lineup, while keeping the entire third-party Windows manufacturer ecosystem in his back pocket.

Patrick faces off from across the ring using the new 13-inch Macbook Pro and MacBook Air as a tennis racket to deflect Jon's various arguments.

Total runtime: 1:12:12

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There hasn't been much big tech new news this week, so Patrick O'Rourke and Brad Bennett chat about how they've been slowly upgrading their home offices and a camera feature Brad is starting to work on.

Total runtime: 50:47


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This week on the SyrupCast, Patrick O'Rourke and Brad Bennett sit down with Dean Daley to talk about the iPhone SE (2020), the OnePlus 8 series and the P40 Pro

Each of them has spent time with one of the new phones. Patrick talks about Apple's recently revealed iPhone SE, while Brad and Dean reviewed the OnePlus 8 series and P40 Pro, respectively.

Total runtime: 53:00

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This week Patrick O'Rourke and Brad Bennett are back after a brief break to talk about Apple's surprise March announcements, including the iPad Pro (2020) and MacBook Air (2020).

The pod starts off with a rundown off how MobileSyrup, Patrick and Brad have been handling work from home and social isolation, before quickly jumping into some of the hottest tech news on MobileSyrup. 

Total runtime: 53:23


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This week Patrick O'Rourke and Brad Bennett are joined by MobileSyrup staff writers Jon Lamont and Dean Daley. The Syrup Squad discusses the Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra just prior to publishing their reviews of the S series flagships.

Jon is reviewing the Galaxy S20, so he'll be defending the smallest of the three phones. Dean is working on the Galaxy S20+ review, and Pat has his hands on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Opinions come out as the reviewers talk about the phone they like the most and what features they think Samsung nailed this time around.

Note: When this podcast was recorded, Rogers hadn't yet made the announcement that its initial 5G network is now active.

Total runtime: 55:16

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Parick O'Rourke spent time over the past week with Samsung's new Galaxy Z Flip, so Brad Bennett grills him about the smartphone's display, hinge and everything he liked about the new device. The pair also talks about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S20 series.

Before that, the team has MobileSyrup telecom reporter Aisha Malik on the podcast to talk about the CRTC's MVNO price reduction hearings.

Note: When this podcast was recording, Rogers hadn't yet made the announcement that its initial 5G network is now active.

Total runtime: 52:21

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This week the SyrupCast crew is taking a look at smartphones from the past and the future.

Patrick O'Rourke, Brad Bennett and special guest Ian Hardy, talk about the legacy of Blackberry devices and what it means that the brand has cut its ties with Chinese phone manufacturer TCL.

Following that Dean Daley takes the third seat at the table to lay out our expectations for Samsung's Unpacked event on February 11th.  The team discusses all three of the rumoured flagships -- the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra -- a new rumour regarding Galaxy buds and the highly anticipated Galaxy Z Flip.

Total runtime: 55:47

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This week MobileSyrup's Patrick O'Rourke and Bradley Bennet are still tweaking the refreshed show's new formula.

Jon Lamont comes on the show to talk about his recent experience with Microsoft's new Surface device, followed by a discussion surrounding 'alternative computing.' In the final segment, Brad Shankar discusses his hands-on time with Microsoft's game streaming platform, xCloud.

Total runtime: 60:00

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This week on the SyrupCast, MobileSyrup's Patrick O'Rourke, Bradley Bennett and Dean Daley breakdown the barrage of Samsung Galaxy S20 leaks this week and also chat about Brad's experience at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

Total runtime: 49:32

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