SyrupCast 73.5: Remaster E3

In this special episode of the SyrupCast, Patrick and Igor discuss the video game industry's biggest conference, E3. 

Hosts: Patrick O'Rourke, Igor Bonifacic
Duration: 31:56

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SyrupCast 73: Alexa’s coming to Canada

On this week's episode of the SyrupCast, we talk about how Apple Pay is now available from all five major banks in Canada and its potential impact. In addition, Sony will be bringing a number of new smartphones to Canada this summer, specifically the Xperia X lineup. We also venture down the road of Pebble and how its tiny Core brings Canadians the Amazon Echo.

Hosts: Patrick O'Rourke, Igor Bonifacic, Jessica Vomiero, and Rose Behar.

Duration: 40:10

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