Believe it or not, we here at MobileSyrup enjoy movies and television almost as much as we love tech.

Whether the subject is Steven Spielberg or Steve Jobs, the iPhone or I, Robot, you can be sure that someone at the MobileSyrup office has an opinion or interesting fact to share. Keeping in line with our love for tech and pop culture, MobileSyrup presents Viewer Experience, a podcast where tech meets pop culture.

Tune in every two weeks for a brand new episode built around a newly released movie or television show and the technology used in it or used to create it. Each episode will discuss a particular movie or television show, the technology involved with it, as well as interesting people doing fascinating things within that particular tech space.

Listener’s note: Viewer Experience isn’t replacing the SyrupCast. For now, they’re just sharing the same space. Eventually you'll be able to subscribe to Viewer Experience separately. 


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