This week on the SyrupCast, MobileSyrup features editor Igor Bonifacic, managing editor Patrick O'Rourke, and staff reporter Brad Shankar talk about last week's Game Developers Conference (GDC) and the more recent Apple announcements.

At last week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Google revealed its often-rumoured game streaming platform Stadia. The service will allow users to stream online to any device, regardless of technical specs. The team breaks down the pros and cons of bringing gaming to consumers through a cloud-based streaming platform. Will this be the 'future of gaming' like Google has claimed?

Speaking of streaming, this week Apple held an event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, announcing a number of new services. Among those, the most notable was Apple TV+, which will see Apple releasing its own original television shows and movies. The event brought a handful of celebrities out onto the stage to announce some of the upcoming shows for Apple TV+, but the presentation still left viewers disappointed because there were no actual trailers shown.

Patrick's favourite announcement from the Apple Event was Apple Arcade, which brings users a monthly paid subscription model for mobile games. The Syrupcast crew discusses how this could be huge for mobile game developers, as it brings a new monetization model to the industry.

Tune in to hear the SyrupCast team's thoughts.

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Total runtime: 37:40
Google Stadia: 1:37
Apple announcements: 25:15
Shoutouts: 34:40

Igor gives his shoutout to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Patrick gives his shoutout to Apple. And Brad shouts out Cuphead, which is coming to the Switch.

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