On the SyrupCast this week MobileSyrup features editor Igor Bonifacic and telecom editor Rose Behar chat about all things Google I/O 2018 related.

This year at Google I/O there were over 100 announcements, with some being more notable than others. The company focused it's efforts on meaningful engagement and digital wellness. Among some of the most exciting reveals were Android P's beta and new updates to Google Assistant. Google also announced Duplex, the company's AI-powered phone call technology, which has many both worried and excited.

Tune in to hear the SyrupCast team's thoughts.

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Total runtime: 34:47
Google I/O: 1:25
Duplex: 9:00
Shoutouts: 28:20

Rose gives her shoutout to Michael Geist's recent article. Igor shouts out the US Senate attempting to over-throw the net neutrality changes.

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