This week, the SyrupCast crew is taking you on a tour of their go-to apps - Igor Bonifacic, Patrick O'Rourke, Jessica Vomiero, and Zach Gilbert each select three of their favourite mobile apps to share with the rest of the team and you, the listener!

Igor's picks: 1. Instapaper 2. Snapseed (and for Android) 3. 1Password

Jessica's picks: 1. One Big Thing 2. Timeline 3. Netflix (specifically offline functionality)

Patrick's picks: 1. Transit 2. Impossible Road 3. Plex

Zach's picks: 1. Zombies, Run! 2. Cineplex App 3. Deliveries

Tune in to hear the SyrupCast team's reasons for their choices and jump in the comments to tell us what your go-to apps are. Total runtime: 49:05


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