Welcome to episode 4 of SyrupCast, the best only Canadian mobile podcast on earth.

This week, we delve into some of the more exciting elements of the Canadian regulatory system -- if the word 'exciting' can be used for such a thing -- with the newly-announced AWS-3 auction early next year.

We also get into some first impressions of the LG G3, which will be coming to Canada on August 1st, and touch on Spotify, which looks to be launching shortly in Canada.

We wax prolific on the sorry state of kids these days, and, as usual, talk about BlackBerry.

And finally, we've launched our first podcast-specific feature, the weekly App Roundup, where Douglas and Daniel convince you to waste your time in productive ways.

Running time: 72 minutes

Hosts: Daniel Bader, Douglas Soltys

Released: July 11th, 2014

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