This week on SyrupCast, Daniel is joined by Patrick O'Rourke and Matthew Moniz to talk about the future of VR and how it will shape the gaming, entertainment and content development spaces.

Show notes:

Duration: 1hr 18min
Hosts: Daniel Bader, Patrick O'Rourke
Special Guest: Matthew Moniz

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On this week's SyrupCast, Daniel and Douglas are back to talk about what's been happening in the world of technology.

They talk about the BlackBerry Priv (obviously) and whether it can stand up to what Daniel thinks is the best Android phone out there, the Nexus 6P.

Then they talk about Apple's latest gear, the iPad Pro and the Apple TV, and where the company could have improved things in the rollout.

Finally, they talk about the ever-changing world of content, and whether physical media have a place in the digital age.

Running time: 1hr 20min
Hosts: Daniel Bader, Douglas Soltys

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In this episode of The Review, Daniel tackles the Sony Xperia Z5 which, despite having a lot going for it, is overshadowed by many other devices on the market.

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In this episode of The Review, Daniel goes back to the very beginning of his tech obsession with the BlackBerry Pearl and original Bold. He then talks about the BlackBerry Priv, a great Android smartphone that may be too little, too late.

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In the second episode of The Review, Daniel talks about the fantastic Nexus 6P -- probably the best all-round Android phone to date -- and how Google needs to do a lot more to get the Nexus name out into the world.

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In this inaugural episode of The Review, Daniel dives into the HTC One A9, and reflects on why it is such a confusing value proposition for most people.

While The Review will live in SyrupCast's feed for now, it may eventually strike out on its own. If you enjoy this kind of content and want to see more of it, please leave your own review on iTunes, or let us know in the comments!

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SyrupCast 53: Podtoberfest

SyrupCast is back after a month-long hiatus, during which Daniel got married, Douglas got bed head, and a bunch of companies released a bunch of devices.

Join Daniel and Douglas as they talk about the iPhone 6s's 3D Touch feature, the new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, Microsoft's bevy of hardware, and the BlackBerry Priv.

Show Notes

Hosts: Daniel Bader, Douglas Soltys
Duration: 1hr 28 minutes

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This week, Daniel and Douglas break down the highs and lows of the recent Apple event. The iPhone 6s looks like a big upgrade, but a 16GB base model is making a lot of people upset.

Why would someone want an iPad Pro? We dig into the possibilities.

And the Apple TV? Disruptor or me-too? Apple's plan for the future of television.

Show notes

Hosts: Daniel Bader, Douglas Soltys
Duration: 1hr 16min

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This week, Daniel and Douglas get into it about BlackBerry's acquisition of rival Good Technology. Is John Chen in it for himself, or does he have the best interests of BlackBerry in mind?

And it's IFA, so bring on the smartwatches, smartphones and other mobile detritus. How does the new Moto 360 compare to the Samsung Gear S2, Huawei Watch and the Apple Watch?

Finally, Rogers just unveiled its Share Everything+ plans: are they good for the industry, or just widening the gulf between good service and mediocre?

Show Notes

Hosts: Daniel Bader, Douglas Soltys
Duration: 1hr 29min

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This week, Douglas and Daniel stay firmly in the warm confines of Canadian telcos with an exploration of what's happening at Videotron and Wind Mobile. With Videotron launching a new policy that exempts some streaming music services from counting towards its customers monthly bandwidth, will customers come in droves? Or will the CRTC pounce at the opportunity to ban the process of zero-rating in yet another instance?

And Wind Mobile has reduced its subsidy from $150 to $100 in response to the popularity of Bring Your Own Device? Confusing as it might be, the move points to a decision by Wind to pass along the actual cost of devices to its consumers rather than increasing monthly plan prices.

It's a great show with some excellent debate, so tune in!

Show notes

Hosts: Daniel Bader, Douglas Soltys
Duration: 1hr 6min


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